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About Us

Welcome to Scholarena


We present you the Scholarena- a team of dedicated people that is driven by the very thought of bring together people of like mindedness together on to a single platform.

Science is nothing but the art of turning experience and experiments into reality. These realities give birth to various fields that all together comprises of a world that we know as science, technology and advancement.

Scholarena provides the dais where people from various part of world will come together and join hands on in discussing topics that has been ever useful to the advancement of the human civilization. We bring you a stage where conference shall be held on topics ranging from Physics to Medicines. News and views are to exchanged among personnel from around the globe.

Scholarena strives towards becoming a provider of info, problems as well as their solutions such that it enhances the very core of the scientific community thus adding values to the human society.

Come join us! Watch and listen the greatest of developing minds talk of their cutting edge researches at the conferences of the Scholarena.

  • Well organized scientific program
  • Renowned speakers and scientists across the globe
  • Poster presentations and world class exhibits
  • Panel discussions and interactive sessions
  • B2B meetings
  • Perfect platform for Global Networking
  • Connecting scientific community


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